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Founded in 2005 by Principal Designer Kari Arendsen, ILI remains a pillar in the design community. ILI is known for an unparalleled ability to interpret the full potential of a space. Applying acute design sensibilities with intelligent application of key design principals, and knowing when to conserve budget, push boundaries, maximize function and emphasize distinctive style are the elements that make up their sought after designs.

“The spaces we live in have a profound effect on our well being. Colors, textures, and materials are just some of the tangible elements that affect how we feel in our daily lives. But creating a truly inspiring environment goes beyond look and feel. It is essential to know how energy flows through every room, and how light interacts with every surface. We distill individual preferences, translate personal styles, and incorporate worldly fascinations to help each client realize their dream of living in a home that brings them deep joy and an inspired quality of life.” -Kari Arendsen

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We provide a custom, curated process specifically designed for each clients needs. Through collaboration with a team assembled definitively for each project, we embark on a design process that is educational, thorough, thoughtful and fulfilling. Our team here at ILI is knowledgeable and experienced in every aspect of the design process from conception to completion, not a detail is left un-imagined. Our long standing relationships with architects, builders, artisans, and other top industry professionals provide an advantage with our entrusted partnerships that are built on quality and bespoke completed projects.

Our Services include but are not limited to:

- Commercial and Residential Full Service Interior Design

- Custom Remodeling

- Interior Architectural Detail

- New Construction